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November 13th, 2006

randomness @ 01:57 pm

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saturday had a mini-marquette reunion lunch. it was so much fun, me dre and the boys. so we were eating and dre and i get to talking and she asked me if i had heard about this case where panera was suing the mall they were located in because there was a clause in their contract that they would be the only sandwich shop tenant of the mall and then the mall let a qdoba open there. so panera was saying that a burrito is a sandwich and letting them open violated the exclusivity clause. at this point everyone is staring, like oh shit is this what two of the biggest party girls we used to know have become??? well, yes it is. what is boiled down to is that a judge ruled that on account of one tortilla vs. two slices of bread, a burrito is not a sandwich and there was no breach of contract. imagine my surprise when i sign on to yahoo this morning only to see as features headline #2 - Judge says burrito is not a sandwich. WOW, we've got our finger on the pulse of the nation!!!
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