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wubba wubba @ 10:17 pm

Current Location: Living Room
Current Mood: STOKED
Current Music: Beach Boys - Kokomo

awesome...what a fantastic day it has turned out to be!

One more day of barbri review classes left. That's super exciting. I don't know where the summer went but only a handful of days left until the big test.


Oh well, it's just another test. I don't plan on going through all this again in February so there is no way that I'm not going to pass (contrary to what Samara like to tell me every other day!!!)

Now for the reason why today was so lovely...the plan has been put into motion. The Wagenaar Sisters are in agreement that it's just about time for the family band to make it's national television debut. The minor problem is that we don't have a complete albums worth of material yet...we'll get there, we've just all had a lot going on lately. So, look for us on the small screen near you next year. That's right, "The Wagenaar Sisters Doing it Doggie Style" will be trying hard to make it on vh1's 2008 World Series of Pop Culture. It's on, auditions schmauditions, we're cute and we've got a killer team name.

You can say you heard it hear first. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!